Friday, 6 July 2018

Second Poem for someone special - "Happy Birthday Bestie"

Sometimes things just happen but sometimes we have to make things happen.
In case of writing my first poem, it just happened. So was the case of Pearl Zain and my friendship. "It just happened."

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

My first poem and how I wrote it

They say 3 AM is the hour of creative people. But I think it is the hour when creativity hit ordinary people. Never in my wildest dream I had thought of writing a poem. I'm someone who loves reading poem, shayari, ghazals, etc. Not too much, just some of them which are simple and easy to understand. I have always admired poets but I have never thought I would be able to write a poem. And then one night, somewhere around 3 AM without any prior thoughts, it just happened.


Monday, 19 February 2018

My first Coffee at Starbucks

You know there are a few things we feel are overrated even before we have tried them. One of such things is Starbucks. I have always considered this place to be a way of wasting money. That's mainly because I'm not someone who like to spend money on tea or coffee, especially when it is that expensive.

I was always the person criticising my cousin and friends who love Starbucks. And their response use to be "Try Starbucks once and you will never like coffee anywhere else." I never listened to them until when Starbucks announced its "get any Coffee at 100" offer. That's when my friend Pearl Zain literally dragged me to this place.


Sunday, 19 November 2017

11 Hours by Daniel Paul Singh Book Review

While scrolling through my Facebook feed one Wednesday evening, I came across a few romantic lines. Being a hopeless romantic, living in my fairy-tale world, I love reading such things and believe in them too. I read all those lines swiftly and later found out that these are lines from the book 11 Hours written by Daniel Paul Singh.